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Weekly Check-In – We Got Married!

Welcome back lovelies, we are married Saturday after a long wait, I’m officially a wife. A lot has happened since we spoke last so this is will be a slightly different weekly Check-in as it’s been a couple of weeks. It’s been a kind of whirlwind couple of weeks so we are looking forward to...


Weekly Check-In – Last Week Of The Holidays.

Welcome back lovelies, we have officially finished the 6 weeks’ holidays, how are we all doing? It’s okay to admit we are all ready for our children to be back at school. Monday, it was our first day at home with Baby bear since he before he went away so he just wanted to play...

fairy door hunt

Fairy Door Hunting With Friends.

It’s that time of year again the fairys are back so we went to find them all with some friends today. It was a free event set up by a company called Grubby Knees which included a fairy door hunt in which there were around 18-20 doors to find, face glitter as well as a...


Chores Your Little One Can Help With.

The older Baby bear gets the more he wants to help around the house so I have compiled a list of chores your little one can help with safety and some independently depending on their age. We use chores as a way for Baby bear to earn himself some pocket money that he can spend....

new minion movie

Weekly Check-In – New Minions Movie.

Welcome back lovelies, we officially joined in with our local rock painting and rock hunt this week. We also went to see the new Minion movie at the cinema. Our first week of the summer holidays has been successful and full of fun and quality time. Monday, I spent the day organizing everything that needs...