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dog cool in the hot weather

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather.

With this heatwave and the summer coming I thought I would share all the tips and tricks we have for keeping your dog cool in the hot weather. As you may know, we have Mia so these are all things we do each year and especially in this heatwave to ensure she is safe and...


Stop Growing Up Now – Happy Birthday Baby.

Big boy, How on earth are you 6 already. This year has flown by and now it’s your 6th Birthday… You amaze me every day with a fact about something, your ability to overcome a situation, or how loving or switched on you are. Baby bear you are still very much a strong-willed, funny, independent...


Where Have We Been? – Update time…

Well hello, it’s me I’m back after what has felt like forever. I’m sorry about that I really wasn’t planning on having any time off hence why I didn’t have anything ready to upload while I was away. However, things got a little more hectic than I had planned or thought they would. So here...

a year

A Year With Our Little Lady

Can you believe our little lady has been home for a year already… A whole year. I announced we had added her to the family exactly a year today, which is crazy as I had no idea until I looked back at the date I posted about her earlier. It’s been a crazy year of...

elf on the shelf

22 Elf On The Shelf Ideas.

So its that time of year again and our little friend Elf on the Shelf has returned to many of our homes. We all run out of ideas for our little visitors (pain in the arses) so I thought I’d share some of our elf Snowball got up to last year to help you out....

parents evening

Our First Parents Evening.

If you follow my Instagram you will know we had Baby bears parents evening. This is our first proper parents evening we have ever had for Baby bear which was a little rubbish if I’m being honest. I’ve spoke about this before with every step of Baby bears transition into reception. Covid has changed the...