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elf on the shelf

22 Elf On The Shelf Ideas.

So its that time of year again and our little friend Elf on the Shelf has returned to many of our homes. We all run out of ideas for our little visitors (pain in the arses) so I thought I’d share some of our elf Snowball got up to last year to help you out....

parents evening

Our First Parents Evening.

If you follow my Instagram you will know we had Baby bears parents evening. This is our first proper parents evening we have ever had for Baby bear which was a little rubbish if I’m being honest. I’ve spoke about this before with every step of Baby bears transition into reception. Covid has changed the...

new job

New Job – Starting My Next Chapter.

So if you are following me on Instagram you would have already seen that I had an interview Monday and I got a new job. At the beginning of the year, I shared that I had returned back to work after taking nearly 4 years off to raise Baby bear. However, due to Covid-19 and...

finished nursery

Baby Bear Has Officially Finished Nursery.

If you have been keeping up with the blogs you will know Baby bear is heading to ‘big boy’ school September. So this week Baby bear officially finished nursery which is strange to say, for 2 reasons mainly. 1, we decided to keep him at home with us when Boris opened schools again. And 2,...

4th birthday

Happy 4th Birthday My Sweet Boy.

My sweet boy, Today is your 4th Birthday, it doesn’t seem possible that your 4 now. People always told me when I was pregnant and you were a baby that you would grow up fast but I didn’t think they meant this fast. Looking back over this past year you have changed so much, Daddy...

starting school

Starting School September – How?

So after finding out what school Baby bear got into Thursday with the rest of the country, I’ve had so many thoughts and feeling about him starting school September I thought I would write them down and share. A load shared is a load halved and all that jazz… I know I can’t be the...

newest addition

Our Newest Addition To Our Family.

After having the same discussion with Daddy bear for the last 2 years since losing Bonnie a few years ago. Both daddy bear and Baby bear have been itching for me to agree to open our home and hearts to another member ever since. If you haven’t already guessed we got a new family dog....

learning to drive

10 Hours In – Learning To Drive Update.

If you saw my Highs and Lows of 2019 tag post you would know I took the leap into learning to drive at the end of last year by taking and passing my Theory Test. This was a big thing for my confidence and once I’d passed all my fears of driving somewhat disappeared, I...