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How My Surgery and Recovery Went.

So I’m sure you are all aware by now of my surgery and if you’re new here Hey and check my post out about what I was having done. So I am now nearly 3 weeks post-op and it hasn’t been an easy road, this was defiantly the worst recovery I’ve had yet from all...


What’s My Surgery For?

I have mentioned surgery in my last few weekly check-ins but haven’t really said what it is for. So I thought I would share what’s going on and get everything off my chest before I go in on Wednesday for the surgery. As I mentioned when I first spoke about the phone call to book...

starting to adopt

Adoption Update – Starting To Adopt.

The time has finally come for me to share us starting to adopt and what that looks like for us so far. I know I have been hinting at it for a while but we wanted to talk in-depth with our parents and take time to process all the information first. We of course have...

follow up

Follow-up From HyCoSy Scan – What’s Next.

As I mentioned in last week’s post about my mental health we had our follow-up appointment yesterday. Sorry I didn’t post last night but I needed the night to just process everything and work through it all before sharing. If you have been following along with our journey you would know this follow-up appointment was...

HyCoSy scan

How Our HyCoSy Scan Went – What Did They Find?

As you may know our next step in our infertility journey was to have a HyCoSy scan done to check my remaining tube. Well we finally had it done yesterday and this is how it went and what we found. To start off with I knew it wasn’t going to feel enjoyable but I honestly...


Whats Next For Our Secondary Infertility Journey?

So here is my well awaited update on what’s next for us in our Secondary infertility journey. If you have been following for a while you will know that we have been under a fertility clinic for around 2 years. Since our ectopic pregnancy September 2019 we haven’t had a pregnancy. So after a re-referral...

celebrating a new baby

Celebrating A New Baby During Infertility.

Before I begin, I just want to say that celebrating a new baby is always something to be done. I also don’t want anyone in our personal life who has had a baby recently to feel sorry for us or guilty for celebrating their little ones. I just want to share a little insight into...


Fertility Clinic Results – HyCoSy?

Abnormal results? HyCoSy? What’s our next step in our infertility journey… If you have been following our infertility journey you would know we have recently gone through some further testing. We got a new infertility doctor back in September and she ordered a bunch of different testing to be done and for some to be...


Ultrasound Day…

If you have been following our infertility journey and follow me on Instagram you would know I had our ultrasound on Friday as part of our latest fertility clinic testing. I have had so many ultrasounds done now this was defiantly my hardest one yet. Ultrasounds never bothered me until I was pregnant with Baby...


Starting From The Beginning – Infertility Update.

Can I just start by saying infertility sucks… I mentioned a few posts ago that we were waiting for a re-referral back to our fertility clinic after being discharged due to not having an appointment in 6 months. So as promised here is an update on what happened at our appointment earlier this week. I...