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savoury mini pinwheel

Savoury Mini Pinwheel Recipe.

I have been on the hunt lately for some different lunch ideas mainly for Sweet bear as she isn’t a big bread fan. I remembered that when we were growing up my mum used to make us these pinwheels so I decided to make them with my own twist. Cook Time: Ingredients: Method: Roll your...

sweet potato curry

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Curry Recipe.

I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy cooking meals in my slow cooker but I’m obsessed. Another of our favorite dinners is Sweet Potato Curry, its so easy to make yet so filling and one of Daddy bears favorite lunches to have. As you may know, if you saw my Sausage Casserole recipe I am...

upside down cheesecake

Upside-Down Cheesecake Recipe.

I love to bake, as you may gather from my many baking recipes here so I am usually the one to make desserts in our house. However, Daddy bear has created one of our favourites and definitely the easiest dessert by far. I’ve shared photos in the past of the boys making the upside-down Cheesecake...


Easy Flapjack Recipe.

As you may know if you have seen some of my other recipe posts but I love to bake and make my boys sweet treats, my new favourite being flapjacks. And not just plain flapjacks chocolate drizzled, gooey flapjacks and they are amazing. Very sweet don’t get me wrong but still so yummy and very...

slow cooker

Slow Cooker Sausage Casserole Recipe.

Since being at work I have found I’ve been loving slow cooker dinners. It is so easy for us, I prep them between taking Baby bear to nursery and starting work. Then all I have to do it turn it on before I leave for work so when I get home I can have something...


Chessy Salsa Chicken Rice Recipe.

I know I’m not the only mumma who loves a quick and easy dinner while still being delicious and filling for their family. What’s even better this is a one-dish meal so easy clean up too, which I know are all our favorite. I have been cooking this meal since before I was pregnant with...

Cupcake Recipe…

Cupcake Recipe…

Its been a while since I have done any baking with Baby bear. I’m not sure why either, life just got on top of things I guess. I encourage him to help me prep dinner most nights but we haven’t actually baked anything in a while. It was so good to spend time baking with...


Vegetarian Shepards Pie Recipe.

As you may know, we cut meat out of our diets for the whole month in January. So in my hunt for vegetarian meals, I decided to find a couple of recipes and mix them together and this was the outcome. Daddy bear preferred meals that still tasted like our normal dinners just without the...

finished product

ShortBread Biscuit Recipe.

As you may know, we love to bake in our house and have quite a sweet tooth so me and Baby bear decided to make some shortbread biscuits. Of course, they had to be Dinosaur shaped. They aren’t the healthiest and they didn’t look overly appealing (thanks to Baby bears decoration). Anyway this is how...


Couscous Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe.

We have been trying different Vegetarian recipes this month for Veganuary (We couldn’t give up everything and go Vegan but we wanted to try not having meat). So when looking for different recipes I come across this recipe in our new recipe book. We have never tried Stuffed bell peppers so why not give it...