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girl's night

Weekly Check-In – I Had A Girl’s Night.

Welcome back lovelies, so I got to have a girl’s night this weekend while daddy bear has been away on a stag do. We also had quite an eventful week so let’s just jump in. Monday, I spent the day catching up on housework that I didn’t get done over the weekend as we were...

Happy Mother's Day

Weekly Check-In – Happy Mother’s Day.

Welcome back lovelies, first off let me say a huge Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums out there. I hope you had the best day with your little ones and enjoyed all the day had to offer. This being said I also want to offer a virtual hug to all the mummas out there...

Mr Bump

Weekly Check-In – The Car Was In The Garage.

Welcome back lovelies, it was a different kind of week with us getting over the chest infections and illness in the house to the car going in for something minor and it turning into a bigger job than thought. We also finally got to see some family and friends this weekend which was nice. Monday,...

chest infection

Weekly Check-In – I Have A Chest Infection.

Welcome back lovelies, not much has happened this week as I have a chest infection. I finally got some antibiotics for it on Friday but here’s how the start of the week went. Monday, after waking up not feeling great Sunday Sweet bear decided to have a rough night leading to her not waking till...

half-term fun

Weekly Check-In – Half-Term Fun.

Welcome back lovelies, we have had lots of half-term fun but I am ready to get back into the school routine and swing of things. I love having Baby bear at home don’t get me wrong but he struggles with not being at school and having the routine. Monday, my friend M came over for...

last week of term

Weekly Check-In – Last Week Of Term.

Welcome back lovelies, we have just finished our last week of term. Well, half term so we only have our little sweeties at home for a week. We had a good last week of term full of fun and activities. So here is what we have been up to. Monday, after dropping baby bear off...

solo parent

Weekly Check-In – Being A Solo Parent.

Welcome back lovelies, I have had to be the solo parent this week as Daddy bear had to go away on a work conference before going to see A for the weekend. It hasn’t been easy but we have done it (not that I had much choice). Monday, I still felt like utter rubbish so...

viral infection

Weekly Check-In – Viral Infection.

Welcome back lovelies, so if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I have been wiped out by a Viral Infection since Friday. I haven’t been this poorly in quite a while and it really did wipe me out and landed me in bed for pretty much a whole day. Before I was...

on the road

Weekly Check-In – Back On The Road.

Welcome back lovelies, it’s been a very exciting week, I am officially back on the road after what seems like forever. We also had another doctor’s visit with Sweet bear and another meeting but here is our week. Monday, Sweet bear woke up with a chesty cough again so other than dropping Baby bear to...