Fairy Door Hunting With Friends.

fairy door hunt

It’s that time of year again the fairys are back so we went to find them all with some friends today. It was a free event set up by a company called Grubby Knees which included a fairy door hunt in which there were around 18-20 doors to find, face glitter as well as a sweet and small jar of fairy dust for every child once they had finished finding them all. We did it last year with a group of friends so decided to do it again this year. They are hosting another fairy hunt in Louth (Click here to book on). We had L-R with us so once she was with me and I packed our picnic we headed out to meet our friends.

Once they had all got their face glitter done we headed out on our fairy door hunt. They each got a clue sheet with hints to where the next door was. I liked how easy the clues were as it meant they could work them out themselves which they were very excited about. Halfway through we stopped and played in the park a little and enjoy our picnic. We then continued our hunt to find the last doors before going to get our prize. We then stopped past our friend’s sweet shop for a cold slushy and some sweets before heading home for the children to play in the garden for a while together.

Here are a few photos from our fairy door hunt. It was honestly so much fun.

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