Littlelife Gruffalo Day Pack Review.

If you are a regular visitor here at the blog you will know Baby bear is obsessed with the Gruffalo. We have an ever growing collection including the Trunki, Ready Bed, Reins, Winter hat and mittens, and toys. If you saw my last post you will know we have the matching Reins and Day Pack. Baby bear was lucky enough to receive the Day bag for Christmas. So here is my thought on the Littlelife Gruffalo Day Pack.

Littlelife Gruffalo Day Bag
Littlelife Gruffalo Day Bag

We use this as our daily changing bag as I love the fact it matches Baby bear. It also fits everything I need to take out with me for him which is obviously what I need in a changing bag. I was actually shocked at how much I could fit in the bag without overfilling it and making it super heavy to carry.

contents of my changing bag.
Everything I carry.

As you can see I fit a full-size packet of wet wipes, my purse, pair of spare trousers, socks, 3 pairs of pants, nappy sacks, pen, bum cream, and snacks. There is also space to throw my phone, keys and any random stuff I need.

Mini Tardis.
Mini Tardis.

I’m small built but it fits me perfectly, its so comfortable to wear and very light weight compared to other backpacks I’ve used. We get so many compliments when Baby bear and I wear them together.

Me wearing the Day bag
We wearing the Day Bag.

Just like the Reins, this bag is so well made, it is so soft and fluffy with detail stitching. Which again is holding up so well with being in the rain and being around a dirty, sticky toddler. It is machine washable if it ever got to gross which is reassuring as it isn’t a cheap bag so I would be pretty mad if it didn’t hold up as well.

There is also a detail label inside the bag where you can add your child’s personal information if them or the bag ever goes missing. Both the Reins and the Day pack have them which have Baby bears information on. This is mainly just in case for whatever reason he is wearing either bag and wonders off or we loss them.

Personal Information Label.
Personal Information Label.

This isn’t a paid or sponsored post, Baby bear was brought the Day Pack as a gift from Aunt V, Uncle E and B with there own money so I’m not just saying these things. Needless to say, we love the Littlelife Gruffalo Day Pack and would recommend them to anyone looking for a bag for a Gruffalo fan. 

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