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Shawn Mendes Rose.

That’s right, I’m 23 and have only just been to my first concert. A Shawn Mendes concert at that, thanks to my amazing little sister K. To top it off she also booked a hotel room for the night at the InterContinental London – O2. Needless to say, it was an amazing night and I’m so lucky I got the opportunity to go.

It was a little bit of a rush getting down to Essex to meet my sister as Daddy bear had a half day at work before we could leave our house. However, we did manage to get to my parents house in plenty of time for me and K to catch our train into London. It’s been a while since I have travelled into London so I was a little rusty and 100% sure I would have gotten lost if K wasn’t an expert at it.

I was so excited to see Shawn Mendes I hadn’t really thought about the hotel, and K hadn’t really said much about it. But oh my goodness, it was amazing. We were lucky enough to stay at the InterContinental London which was connected to the O2 by a tunnel. We didn’t spend much time there before heading out for dinner before the concert started but I defiantly sat for a while looking at our amazing view.

Our view.
Our view.

We didn’t have a set plan on what we wanted to do for dinner so we decided to just have a walk through the O2 and see what took our fancy. After walking around a little we decided you can’t go wrong with a Harvester. Salad bar all the way and you know you won’t be let down by the food.

After dinner, it was time to start going into the arena. It was crazy but so exciting. The excitement just continued, it was a truly amazing concert. His headliner was Alessia Cara, who I will admit I didn’t know of her just her song ‘Stay’ but wow, she is amazing and I fully recommend listening to some of her music. Then obviously Shawn came on and performed. It needs no words… he was amazing.

Shawn Mendes Performing.
Shawn Mendes Performing.

Once the concert was over we headed back to the hotel to check out their roof top bar before going back to our room. It was so nice to be able to just relax with a beer and my sister just talking and spending time together after an amazing night.

Roof Top Bar.
Roof Top Bar.

It was such an amazing experience and it was all thanks to my amazing little Sissy K. She knows how to cheer me up when I’m feeling down and need a pick me up. Love you always Sissy x

me and my sissy
Me and My Sissy.

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