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Ectopic Pregnancy – Not what We Wanted.

So if you have been following my Instagram and blog updates on our recent pregnancy you will know it didn’t go to plan. Our PUL turned into an Ectopic Pregnancy. As you will know from the last update we were waiting 5 days before having 1 more BHCG and scan before the hospital gave me...


Update On Our PUL Pregnancy.

I just want to start off by apologising for going MIA that last couple of weeks, I’ve just needed time to process everything that’s been going on. I’ve been giving little updates here and there over on my Instagram about our PUL pregnancy. The last update I gave was just after we got back from...

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Our Scariest Week Of Pregnancy Yet.

As you may know, we are pregnant again and have been doing everything we can to hold onto this pregnancy. As I said in our announcement post I am so nervous something is going to go wrong and we will lose this baby. My heart couldn’t take another miscarriage. While I was in Essex visiting...