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lockdown birthday

Planning A Lockdown Birthday.

We have had plans for Baby bears birthday since just after Christmas and none of them plans included a lockdown birthday. But, once we went into lockdown I started to think about what Baby bears birthday would look like and it broke my heart a little. I like to give Baby bear amazing birthdays and...


How Are You 3 Already!!!

My little man, How are you 3 today? It only felt like yesterday I was meeting my tiny 7lb baby and you are now my 3 years old (still tiny though). You are still so loving, smart and funny boy but your personality has grown so much this past year. Your personality isn’t the only...

dinosaur party bag

What I Put In Baby Bear’s Dinosaur Party Bags.

So I have changed my mind and decided to plan Baby bear a Dinosaur Party. All year I have been so sure we weren’t throwing Baby bear a party. However, Baby bear kept asking for his friends to come for his birthday so I decided to throw him a small “playdate” for him. Which of...

finished product

ShortBread Biscuit Recipe.

As you may know, we love to bake in our house and have quite a sweet tooth so me and Baby bear decided to make some shortbread biscuits. Of course, they had to be Dinosaur shaped. They aren’t the healthiest and they didn’t look overly appealing (thanks to Baby bears decoration). Anyway this is how...