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Having To Be Referred – TTC For Baby No. 2.

After everything we have been through I honestly didn’t think I would have to be dealing with getting referred back to our fertility clinic. But yet here we are. So if you read my post from my follow up appointment you will know our plan moving forward was to not have any more appointments until...

ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy Follow-Up Appointment.

After our Ectopic Pregnancy in September which ended in surgery to remove the baby as well as my tube. We finally had our follow up appointment at the hospital this week. If I’m being honest I pushed it to the back of my mind for as long as I could, it was the last thing...


Clexane Injections & Asprin – New Pregnancy Plan.

So as you may know if you read my last pregnancy TTC post, our fertility consultant decided on our new pregnancy protocol. Well, 2 days after we had our last appointment at the clinic and put our new plan in place we found at… …WE’RE PREGNANT… That’s right, we are expecting again. I was so...

Ultrasound appointment

TTC: Our Ultrasound Appointment.

Its been a while since our last appointment so I haven’t had anything to update on really. However, we had our ultrasound appointment with our Fertility consultant yesterday. While we were there he briefly went over my results that have come back so far from all our testing. Before I begin I just want to...

weekly check in

TTC: First Fertility Appointment.

And it begins – the Fertility appointments have started. Needles, scans, appointments, forms to fill out. This is our life now I guess. If your new here check out my previous posts to catch up on whats going on for us in our TTC Journey. We had our first appointment at the Fertility clinic this...