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How My Surgery and Recovery Went.

So I’m sure you are all aware by now of my surgery and if you’re new here Hey and check my post out about what I was having done. So I am now nearly 3 weeks post-op and it hasn’t been an easy road, this was defiantly the worst recovery I’ve had yet from all...


What’s My Surgery For?

I have mentioned surgery in my last few weekly check-ins but haven’t really said what it is for. So I thought I would share what’s going on and get everything off my chest before I go in on Wednesday for the surgery. As I mentioned when I first spoke about the phone call to book...

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Ectopic Pregnancy – Not what We Wanted.

So if you have been following my Instagram and blog updates on our recent pregnancy you will know it didn’t go to plan. Our PUL turned into an Ectopic Pregnancy. As you will know from the last update we were waiting 5 days before having 1 more BHCG and scan before the hospital gave me...