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sweet potato curry

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Curry Recipe.

I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy cooking meals in my slow cooker but I’m obsessed. Another of our favorite dinners is Sweet Potato Curry, its so easy to make yet so filling and one of Daddy bears favorite lunches to have. As you may know, if you saw my Sausage Casserole recipe I am...


Vegetarian Shepards Pie Recipe.

As you may know, we cut meat out of our diets for the whole month in January. So in my hunt for vegetarian meals, I decided to find a couple of recipes and mix them together and this was the outcome. Daddy bear preferred meals that still tasted like our normal dinners just without the...


Couscous Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe.

We have been trying different Vegetarian recipes this month for Veganuary (We couldn’t give up everything and go Vegan but we wanted to try not having meat). So when looking for different recipes I come across this recipe in our new recipe book. We have never tried Stuffed bell peppers so why not give it...