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Toy Story Interactive Talking Characters

If you have been following my blog or Instagram for a while, you will know Baby bear is obsessed with Toy Story for nearly a year now. It was all started when he was brought a Rex character for Christmas from his Aunt K. He fell in love with it so we showed him the Toy Story movies and he became obsessed.

Just before his birthday, The Disney Store released new Toy Story Interactive Talking Characters for the release of the 4th film. Baby bear was lucky enough to receive Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bullseye and the new Rex for his birthday. It was his first proper obsession with a film so I wasn’t sure how long it would last but I wanted him to have them while it was his favorite thing. I can honestly say he plays with them every day.

I love the fact that if you hold 2 face to face and make one talk, the characters will then take it in turns to say one of their sayings. I was a little disappointed that by pairing 2 characters it doesn’t unlock any sayings. The only characters that this does happen with is Woody and Bo Peep/Forky/Rex which is a little annoying as Baby Bear only has Rex and he hasn’t asked for the other 2 toy story characters (he has only asked for Jessie). This being said it doesn’t bother Baby bear he just loves the fact they talk to each other like in the movies.

All the characters now have Bonnie on the bottom of their shoes expect Bullseye and Rex. As a parent it broke my heart a little just because growing up I had a Jessie Doll and she had Andy. They were Andy’s toys first. Kinda silly I know but still. Bullseye still has Andy on the bottom of his feet and Rex doesn’t have any name.

They could be seen as a little pricey at £25 per character but I can honestly say they are worth the money. They have 2 settings so if you want to pair them you need to make sure they are on the correct same settling. They will work completely normal on their own no matter what settling they are on but they will only pair together if on the right settling.


Toy Story Interactive Talking Characters - woody

Woody is around 35cm tall with his original pull string with 12 sayings. His hat comes off his head and is quite hard to keep on so it lives in the toy box so when Baby bear takes Woody out the house we don’t lose it. At first, this upset Baby bear as he wanted woody to always have his hat but after a few times, it doesn’t bother him anymore. He takes 3 LR44/ AG13 batteries which he does come with but depending how many times he was tried in the shop depends how long they will last so we got some as soon as we got Woody to make sure we had them to hand.

Buzz Lightyear.

Toy Story Interactive Talking Character - Buzz lightyear
Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz is around 30cm tall and has 6 buttons that all make him do something different. His wings fold up, pop out and have flashing lights. You can open and close his helmet and one of his arms karate chops like in the movie, as well as his lazer on his arm and control pad. He takes 3 AAA batteries which are included so he is ready to play with straight away.


Toy Story Interactive Talking Toy - Bullseye.

Bullseye is around 42cm tall and makes a galloping noise when you press his ear. He is soft-bodied with hard plastic feet, mouth, and saddle. He takes 3 LR44/ AG13 batteries which like the other characters come included so he is ready to play with when you unbox him. If I’m being honest he is bigger than I thought and is very well make. However, the fact he is £25 like the other characters I think is a little high considering he doesn’t do as much as them. Either way, Baby bear loves him and I couldn’t imagine not having him in our collection, I just would have been slightly happier if he was priced more around £15-£20 mark.


Toy Story Interactive Talking Toy - Rex

Rex is around 30cm tall with a detachable tail. He has 11 saying you can make him say by pushing the button on his back. His arms, legs, and head also move which I really like. His saying button also makes his arms and mouth move when you press it so it’s like he is actually talking. He takes 2 AA batteries which again he comes with. I must say I love that about the Disney toys it makes it so much easier for us parents and more enjoyable for the children receiving these.

This isn’t a paid or sponsored post, we brought each character with our own money so I’m not just saying these things. Myself and Baby bear love his Toy Story Interactive Talking Characters and can’t wait to get Jessie this Christmas and add her to his collection. I would recommend these toys to anyone looking for a gift for a Toy Story lover they are defiantly worth the money.

They are also down to £20 at the moment for Black Friday so if you’re looking at them this is the time to save a little money this Christmas.

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