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My sister had been getting the snackcrate for months before she went off to Uni but she forgot to change the delivery address. So when it arrived at my parents and J said I could open it I’m not going to lie I was slightly excited. I’ve always had a weakness for any type of snacks so this was right up my street. I couldn’t wait to open it and see what type of snacks there were. This was defiantly a good pick me up after a horrible few weeks.

I was kind of shocked to find it was a Germany themed box. J informed me that each box includes snacks from a chosen country, which is cool as you can get to try different snacks from all over the world. When you open the box it has a booklet on the very top which gives you a little information about each snack that is included in your box. It is a subscription box that is shipped to your door once a month for £25 with your first box costing £15.

Germany themed snackcrate
Germany themed SnackCrate.

It was full of snacks and boy I couldn’t wait to try them all. Baby bear was very excited to help mumma try all the treats too. We are a family that loves snacks so this our idea of a perfect subscription box. We have really enjoyed trying them all and I can honestly say we liked everything that was in the box. I also really liked the fact that they were all full-sized snacks, needless to say, I will be ordering us a box so we can continue exploring different snacks from all over the world.

full sized snacks.
Full-Sized snacks.

I also just want to put a disclaimer that SnackCrate hasn’t sponsored this post nor did they gift us a subscription box. These are completely my own thoughts, I just wanted to share this really cool snack subscription box.

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